Balkan leader for dried nuts and sunflower seeds

The brand ‘Kralini Group’ is a modern company based in Prishtina working in old manner dedicated to bring that vision of a high-quality products for every customer on the market.

In 2000, the company “Fatosi-Group” has been developed, and have laid the start of a his successful story.

With over 20 years experience in the nut and dried fruit sector, the company grew, so it is now represented by its branches in Prishtina, Kosovo.

For our quality products we use the perfect combination of traditional recipes of the nut and dried fruit processing from the latest technical possibilities and quality standards like a complete IFS quality management.

Using the best raw material and the close cooperation with our customers, ‘Kralini’ brand expanded its product range in terms of selection and quality.

Finally all these points where decisive that ‘Kralini’ brand is represented in European market, and in more than 5 Countries in close cooperation with a lot of leader Retailers world wide.
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